Pete and his Sisters

This site is dedicated to the happenings in our multi-cat family!

While Pete and his sisters live in the house with us, the feral kitties shown below have a pretty nice living arrangement as well.

They were born feral, but after a lengthy period of feeding them and petting they became tame enough to handle. I took them to the vets for their vaccinations and for spaying and neutering. The property they lived on was going to be developed and they would have been driven off and probably into deadly traffic.I couldn’t bear thinking about that.

I loved them and they loved me. I was able to build them a nice place at our house. Now they live with us in their own special habitat. They love to play with toys and each other!

Below you can see the construction of the room that we built for them!

Enclosure Kitty CollageIMG_1284 IMG_1083 IMG_0025 IMG_0669 IMG_0566(1) IMG_0936(1) IMG_0848

Their room is 15 X 25 Feet with Ceiling fans for the summer, (We live in Florida so cooling and shade are very important) Propane heaters provide warmth for the cool winter evenings, and a bubbling fountain provides continuous fresh aerated water.

There is a balcony level that extends from our master bedroom and the kitties sleep there most evenings.


12 thoughts on “Pete and his Sisters

  1. Oh Meow a feral heaven on earff. What a pawsum room. Weez wuldn’t mind hangin’ there and weez not even feral. MOL Gweat to see all of ya’.

    Luv ya’

    Dezi and Lexi


    1. Those guys aren’t feral any more, When dad goes out there to feed them and play with them they climb all over him. They have adapted well to being inside only kitties. The area they were born in was very noisy and there were lots of big trucks. I think they enjoy the peace and quiet

      Liked by 1 person

      1. We magine they be very glad yous adopted them. They didn’t look so feral but weez sure it took lots of time and luv to get there. Fanks to yous daddy fur puttin’ in da work. Now hims bein’ rewarded.

        Luv ya’

        Dezi and Lexi


  2. ooo, I love you’re outside house!!! my brofurs had an outside enclosure too, but I’m too little yet to be out there. mom says maybe next year!! Kitty Kisses from Seshat


    1. They seem so happy to be inside, especially now that it is raining and storming almost every afternoon. They come up on the balcony and snuggle in their beds up there, They watch the birds and play with their toys. It almost looks like they are playing hockey sometimes the way that they bat their toys around on that tile floor.
      They make me glad I brought them home everyday!


  3. What a home sweet home with adorable mini panthers.You got lucky black cats for your kindness.You are doing such a great thing that most people can not do.I am happy they found forever loving home.Pete and his sisters are so cute.I wish I can have all of them.If I had power, I will build the biggest farmhouse to accept all helpless stray orphans, adults and senior kitties.I had 2 rescued daughters,2 rescued brothers.Brother meant those boys were rescued by my dad and they became official fur brothers.My mother in law dislikes any kind of pets so I am now away from my kitties. I wish all of you and fur family live happily ever after.


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